Coffee is grown in different parts of the world hence the different flavors available in the market after processing and packaging. The quality of coffee starts from where it is grown and how it is nurtured and harvested to the time consumers get a finished product from convenient stores. While reason to drink coffee may vary from one individual to the next, what matters most to all people is the taste and smell of the coffee. Fortunately, there are numerous types of coffees as shown through online research thus giving coffee lovers a number of choices.


Cafe Americano


This is the type of coffee that is made by adding hot water to espresso coffee. Its famous name results from the fact that it was the preferred beverage during the World War II by the American soldiers who thought it preserved their beverage better. Even after the end of the war, American barristers adopted this coffee making it one of the traditional coffees in America to date. Check this Vancouver Coffee Roaster online.




It counts as one of the most common coffee types available in the market. It consists of steamed milk combined with coffee shots. Cafe latte is meant to be frothy which is not something that all restaurants get as they end up serving the flat white instead. Coffee latte is one of Italy's finest brews. You can also check out the video at and gain more knowledge regarding coffee.


Cappuccino coffee


It is the most famous coffee type in the world. It is made from a three-layer combination of espresso, steamed milk and frothy milk that is sometimes topped with chocolate shavings. It was the original Italian breakfast brew before most people in the world started using it.


Irish coffee


Caution is given when taking Irish coffee as excessive consumption could lead to the same effects that alcohol has on someone. It is brewed with whiskey, sugar and cream toppings. It cannot work with instant coffee and scotch though.


Marocchino cafe


This is one of the finest coffees from Italy and is made from a combination of cocoa and espresso. The mixture foams in the mug once the espresso and hot chocolate are mixed.


Flat white


This is an Australian icon coffee. It has an equal strength to a cappuccino without the foaming substance. It is made by combining steamed milk and one or two espresso shots to create a strong scented sweet drink.


Turkish cafe



This type of coffee has nothing to do with the bean used but rather its preparation. it is brew when fine coffee is left to boil for a considerable amount of time. As such, it has a distinct test and smell. Sugar and flavor is needed to ensure that the bitter taste is offset. Read more about Vancouver Coffee Roaster, click here!